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Apr 26, 2023

A residential or home elevator that runs on air is called a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator. That’s the world's most abundant resource is AIR! Pneumatic Elevators, a perfect space-saving home lifts since they run without toxic gases, oils or lubricants. These green home elevators, which use cutting-edge vacuum technology to generate lift, simply rest on the existing ground floor and don't need a pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room to function. Pneumatic elevators are an aesthetically beautiful addition to any home thanks to its design and offer countless design options for any renovation or new construction project. Pneumatic elevators softly descend to the bottom floor due to gravity and use less energy than conventional lift systems. This is because they operate on the ascending push produced by the difference in atmospheric pressure between the upper and lower parts. Pneumatic elevators are visually beautiful, space-saving residential elevators that will increase the value of your home while providing extra accessibility to your residence. They are capable of traveling up to 3 stops or 30 feet in total height. WHY CHOOSE OUR VACUUM ELEVATOR? ü An effective and economical accessibility solution for homes ü AG Vacuum Elevator is powered by the most abundant resources in the world... AIR!. ü Vacuum elevator cost is lower than you anticipated when you request a free quotation! üOur vacuum home elevator lift uses 90% less energy than comparable alternatives, requires 90% less maintenance and only a tiny installation area. ü The occupant has a complete 360-degree view of the environment outside the elevator while it is traveling up or down


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