AG Elevators Metal Enclosure product range extends from manufacturing of Form 2 to Form 4 enclosures
for Low voltage switchgear to High voltage protection/control cubicles.

Various Product Ranges Of

    • Standard Row type Distribution board with protection up to IP 42 (flush & surface type, Series ERD)
    • Wall mounted cabinets with protection up to IP 55/65 (Series: EWE)
    • Floor mounted cabinets with protection up to IP 55 (Series: EFE)
    • Extendable cubicles with protection up to IP 55 (Series: EEC)
    • Aluminum enclosures with protection up to IP 55 (Series: EAS &EAD)
    • Local Control Cabinets & Motor Control Centres
    • Control & Relay Panels
    • Battery Cabinets & Special enclosures tailor made to suit the project requirement
    • Package Substation with sandwiched panel housing made of both steel sheet & aluminum
    • Stainless steel cladding works including mirror finish for vacuum elevators


    • Standard Row Type Distribution Boards available in surface and flush mounting designs.
    • Made of electro-galvanised sheet steel with final finish of texturised polyester epoxy powder coating (RAL 7035).
    • Adequate gutter space all around for easy wiring with knock outs on top and bottom for cable/conduit entry.
    • Door with front cover can be hinged left or right to suit site conditions.
    • Protection to IP 42.
    • To meet architectural demands, DB enclosures are available in other colours and finishes including stainless steel.
    • Optional: Available also in 18 & 24 module boards with optional paint shades, door locks, etc.

    Talk to us if you are looking for custom built DIN Rail Distribution Boards. Our DIN rail enclosures are suitable for mounting various types of DIN RAIL Low Voltage Components which facilitate distributing power in a safe and reliable manner. The metal enclosures are easy to install, compact in size and with a large wiring space, dedicated for internal use.


  • Wide range of standard sizes to cover panel builder's needs
  • Rigid housing formed from single sheet of electro-galvanised sheet steel, electro-statically powder coated to RAL 7032 textured finish
  • Wall fixing holes in the rear wall with protective plugs. Holes can be used for fixing wall mounting brackets
  • Flange opening for cable entry with gasketted gland plates. Possibility of cable entry from top or bottom
  • Door with all round neoprene seals held by angled section
  • Vertical door stiffeners with punched holes for easy installation of rails, wiring harness, etc.
  • Doors can be hinged on right or left with 120° angle opening.
  • Quarter turn locks with 5mm shaft fitted as standard. Twin bit key supplied with each enclosure
  • Standard removable mounting plate for installation of components Grounding wire provided for earthing the door
  • Protection to IP55 Optional: Paint Shades, Canopy, Gland Plates, Locks, Non standard Sizes, Material, etc.

    Our enclosures come in a variety of sizes and specifications and are designed to protect sensitive electrical equipment from dust, water, and other adverse weather conditions. The enclosures are designed for both internal and external use and engineered to achieve a maximum of IP 65 protection. The enclosure offers maximum protection to the user and equipment thanks to the high protection degree of IP 65.


      • Rigid free-standing Switch Cabinets made of electro galvanised sheet steel, electro-statically powder coated to RAL 7032 textured finish
      • Neoprene seals all around the door and gland plates
      • Special pin hinges for easy removal of doors for component fixing
      • Stiffener channels vertically provided for easy installation of rails, wiring harness, etc.
      • Triple hinges with 4 point locking system ensure proper sealing
      • Mounting plates can be fixed at any depth-facilitates easy installation of components
      • Protection to IP 55
      • Optional: Paint Shades, Canopy, Gland Plates, Pedestal, Locks, Handles, Non-standard Sizes, Material, etc.


      These enclosures are manufactured using sheet steel, continuously welded from top to bottom and on the joints. The edges determine the degree of protection, and the highly engineered manufacturing concept gives the frame a high rigidity and makes the enclosure particularly strong with a great resistance to warping and deformation. The strength is assured in all directions.


    • Multi-folded rigid frames easily extendable on either side to any width
    • Frames are punched at 25mm centres for easy mounting of channels
    • Doors with an opening angle of 120°, folded on all edges and with reinforcing section provides easy access and stability for component installation
    • 4 point locking system with guide facilitates easy opening/closing of even heavily laden doors
    • Neoprene seals provided all round the door with perforated stiffener channels
    • Depth adjustable mounting plates folded on all sides offer flexibility for product installation
    • Removable side and rear covers
    • Eye bolts, M12 provided for lifting
    • Protection to IP 55
    • Optional: Paint Shades (internal & external), Canopy, Pedestal, Locks, Handles, Non-standard sizes, Material etc.


    This enclosure system is designed to achieve an integrated baying system. The frame section allows maximizing the use of space inside the enclosure. The frame section is fully symmetrical and with reduced complexity to suit as a system platform for almost all applications. Engineered for space gain and simpler installation.


    We manufacture enclosures complying to the Power Distribution design standard as specified in IEC 61439-1.

    AG Elevator offers a compact yet spacious modular cubicle system that can be tailored to suit all customer needs. The basic system is a Form 3 and Form 4 fixed design, with add-on facilities to meet many different configurations.

    Designed to operate under stringent Middle East environmental conditions of high ambient temperature, corrosive atmosphere, high humidity levels and dusty locations.

    • The basic construction is a metal clad compartmentalized switchboard with individual feeder units.
    • Can be offered in Form 3 or Form 4, Type A, B or C.
    • The incoming cubicle has separate power compartment and a separate compartment for metering and protection.
    • The outgoing cubicle has a vertical section with modular compartments of different heights.
    • A cable chamber with modular cable entry boxes achieves the required form of construction.
    • The construction is folded and welded design.
    • Mounting plate in each compartment allows use of different ratings of components.
    • Different thickness of sheet steel.
    • Different paint shades.
    • Different IP protections.
    • Adaptor box for top cable entry.
    • Different types of handles for doors.


    These enclosures are made of electro- galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish. These panels have an external paint finish of silicon grey, RAL 7032 and an internal finish of white RAL 9003. The color shades can be custom made suiting customer requirements. The panel design permits the cubicles to be joined together to form a complete suite of panels. Partition plates are provided between individual cubicles. These plates also have the facility for inter bus wiring and continuity of the earth bar.

    • Panel construction is flexible to suit customer requirements as follows.
    • Fixed covers for front and rear
    • Hinged doors in front and rear
    • 19" rack frames, fixed or hinged
    • Doors on the sides
    • Cable entry from both top and bottom
    • For extension of existing substations
    • Matching Control & Relay panels
    • Different paint finishes
    • Special door locking system - unique keys, padlock, access control etc.
    • Swing type 19" rack arrangements
    • Panels with non-standard dimensions.
    • Left or right hinged doors


    AG Elevator manufactures containerized package substations ranging in size and ratings in line with utility requirements. The package substation in general houses the Transformer, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear along with UPS, Air-conditioning, all mounted on a common base. The type of electrical equipment, their voltage rating, sizes and ratings can all be customized and built as per the client requirement. The housing material varies from GRP to sheet steel or aluminum. These substations are weatherproof and suitable for outdoor usage. The housing is also provided with necessary doors and ventilators for access.

    Our services include the Design, Supply, Testing and Delivery of the complete Package Substation. We understand and accept the responsibilities associated with the successful supply of the packaged substation and their associated services.

    The Proposed system adopts the most current proven technology standards allowing us to offer a robust secure and cost-effective solution, which meets/exceeds the functional requirements of the subject project.

    With our years of expertise in delivering the engineered solution in this industry, We have designed the entire system carefully inline to the key requirements.

    Standard specifications:
    Base Frame

    Composed of hot rolled I beams welded together to make the base


    Anti-static vinyl rolls of grey colour screwed over marine plywood

    Roof & Cladding

    Composed of insulate composite panels

    Partition Cladding

    Composed of insulate composite panels


    Metal doors


    AG Elevator designs and builds custom DC enclosures for battery systems and/or chargers. A typical cabinet integrates batteries, racking and chargers into an indoor or outdoor rated enclosure. There are many different options and accessories available, making every system unique and built to your site-specific needs. They can be constructed with batteries, battery/charger combinations, and even DC distribution panels. Batteries can be installed on pull-out drawers or fixed shelves.

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